Salthouse Hotel, Ipswich


Picture this. It’s July and the first lockdown is due to end any day. You’re the manager of a busy, luxury boutique hotel and the guests are due back in four days’ time. You go from room to room inspecting the facilities, they’ve been unoccupied for nearly four months and you’re desperate to make sure the forthcoming guests are well taken care of as they’ve not been to stay in a hotel since March.

There are beds to be made, rooms to be cleaned, food to order and prepare, bars to be stocked, staff to train. A quick check of the entertainment system and you realise half the hotel is without TV reception.

Who do you call?

Needham Market Aerials of course! The safe pair of hands you can always rely on in a crisis.

One call and the team are on site to assess the situation. It’s more serious than hoped and a complete re-wire and re-build is needed in parts of the hotel but, rest assured, they have guaranteed the work will be done and reception restored before the first guests check in.

Naturally, the work is done on time, on budget and as planned, with a team of engineers working meticulously through the hotel with the minimum of fuss. Your guests arrive to check in none the wiser for the drama unfolding behind the scenes.

If your commercial TV system goes down, call in the experts. We’ll help you get back up and running in no time.

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